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The bloggers guide to dieting: two weeks on

diet diary_20_07_12Athyd is our 29 year old non stop ‘dieter’ and is going to let us know, week to week how her dieting is coming along, what worked, what didn’t and most importantly, how she feels.

Hi Everyone

I’ve had many ups and downs since my last post in regards to food.

It all started last Friday when I was taken out for lunch for fajitas… and then it all escalated on the weekend.

I went to the cinema on Saturday and was quite proud of myself for having resisted any of the usual snacks they have such as nachos, huge bags of chocolate, sweets etc…. but after that, I went to a friends house, and due to me not haven eaten pretty much all day, my stomach was growling. So we took a trip to the local food store and I bought a relatively healthy sandwich… followed by, and wait for it…. TWO slices of cheesecake! (I ate one only). Later on that night, I had an Indian meal with my mum which consisted of a Chicken Korma (the most fattening one as I don’t like spicy foods – and this is full of cream) popodoms, pilau rice and followed on by sorbet for desert.

The next day, my mum and I went out for… FAJITAS! Yes… again! We then went elsewhere and ate desert. The most sickly and yummy desert you could get.

So that was that, a whole week prior of eating well, just for me to ruin it all on that weekend.

Monday came and I decided I wasn’t going to let it beat me. I dusted myself off and started again. This is new for me as, usually if I’ve had a bad few days, I give in and go back to my old habits.

The past week I have been eating fruit for breakfast, home made sandwiches on wholemeal bread for lunch followed by an apple and varied dinners at a lesser portion. I’m still having my little chocolate and crisps as mentioned in my previous blog because, if I don’t, I wont be able to carry this on. I have however opted for less fattening options.

Also, I have just bought myself an iPhone 4s (finally) and have discovered apps! There’s a fantastic app that calculates everything you have eaten and you enter your age, height and current weight in which it gives you the amount of calories per day you are meant to eat in order to reach your target goal. I chose the option of wanting to lose 1 pound a week as I believe the slower, although frustrating, the more likely it is to stay off.

I haven’t weighed myself yet. Thinking of doing so after a months worth of ‘dieting’ as this would be a more accurate result.

The weekends finally here… lets see how I go.

Until next time… take care.

Love, Athena xXx

About me

I’m Athyd; I have always struggled with my weight, even when I didn’t really have a reason to worry. This blog will be an honest outlook on how the ‘dieter’ works. The highs and the lows and my personal and honest outlook in how I feel when on a diet.

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