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The bloggers guide to dieting: eating earlier and eating healthier

grilled samon fillet_03_08_12Athyd is our 29 year old non stop ‘dieter’ and is going to let us know, week to week how her dieting is coming along, what worked, what didn’t and most importantly, how she feels.

Hi guys

I’ve decided to blog probably every 2 weeks now as this will give more of an insight into my ‘diet’ round up.

Last week I probably had the healthiest week of my life and really felt the difference. I was having home made meals, and even cooked myself! I also went out for a meal and instead of having pure junk as I usually do, I had grilled salmon and for desert, strawberry skewers. It was absolutely delicious and so healthy. I felt energetic after too instead of my usual slumped and bloated feeling. Made me realise I can enjoy my food and still do it in a healthy way.

Also, BREAKTHROUGH… my mother has finally agreed to start cooking earlier. This is really a big step for her as she told me it was from her parents where ‘tea time’ always consisted of chocolate and crisps followed by dinner at 9.30pm, and had just followed that on. I think what finally sunk in was me saying to her that she’s passed that tradition onto me, then I would my kids (when I have some) and so on, and that we would just continue to be a family of unhealthy and over weight people which I don’t want.

She has been cooking and we have finished eating by 8.30pm

It’s still a tad late but considering we don’t usually eat until 9.30pm… it’s a big improvement. She didn’t think she could break this habit but has now gone as far as saying she hates eating late and wants us to eventually start eating by 6.30pm! Surely this will start making a difference to us as we will have time to digest before bedtime and it also means I won’t be eating a chocolate and crisps anymore because I won’t want to be curving hunger.

However, my healthy week went to pot on Monday morning when my work colleague and I decided to have a pizza at lunch followed by some pick and mix sweets. Then I went home and had 2 slices of home made cheesecake. Yep, I had a weak day. I did not let it defeat me like I usually do though and decided to get back on the wagon and start a fresh the next day. And that I did.

This week has mostly consisted of home made sandwiches and a few home made meals like fish and pasta, but also a processed meal so not great. Still, it’s at a lesser portion and earlier so I’m taking the right steps.

I finally bought a digital weighing machine as was tired of weighing my self on different scales wherever I saw one at a friends house.

I weighed myself on Tuesday at work (fully clothed) and was shocked to see that not only was there no weight loss… but I was a pound heavier than when I started!

I remembered the rule though that you should weigh yourself first thing in the morning, after you’ve had a pee and naked. So that’s what I did on Wednesday morning and I was actually 3 pounds lighter. To try and confirm that weight, I’ve weighed myself every morning for the past 3 days and the scales say the same weight so, phew, I’ve actually lost 2 pounds in total now. Not bad for someone who’s still having a snack a day and not on an official ‘diet’

My new challenge is from this Sunday as I am going to the Edinburgh festival with my boyfriend for a week, which means we’ll be eating out all day, every day. I will try and make healthy food choices still, but I know this will be harder than usual. The good thing is we do a lot, and I mean a LOT of walking in between shows so least I’ll have my exercise down.

Until next week, wish me luck in not gaining weight whilst away.

About me

I’m Athyd; I have always struggled with my weight, even when I didn’t really have a reason to worry. This blog will be an honest outlook on how the ‘dieter’ works. The highs and the lows and my personal and honest outlook in how I feel when on a diet.

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