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Shopping ‘helps you live longer’

shoeshoppingShopaholics, rejoice! Retail therapy isn’t just a myth; in fact, scientists believe that a trip to the shops could actually help you live longer

If you ever needed an excuse to go on a shopping spree, then here it is – a new study have found that indulging in a bit of retail therapy is good for your health and can even prolong life.

Scientists at the National Health Research Institute in Taiwan looked at the shopping habits of 1,850 people aged 65 and over, living at home without support. They discovered that people who shopped daily lived longer than those who hit the shops less frequently – even after taking account of other physical and health problems.

Experts believe shopping is a convenient, enjoyable and sociable way of getting exercise – but even seeing friends and people-watching can help fight off feelings of loneliness and improve psychological health.

And next time your man moans about being dragged around the shops, make sure you tell him that men benefit from retail therapy more than women – the study found that men who popped to the shops every day reduced their chances of dying by 28%, compared to women who cut their chances by 23%.

Writing in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, researchers said: “Shopping captures several dimensions of personal wellbeing, health, and security as well as contributing to the community’s cohesiveness and economy, and may represent or actually confer increased longevity.”

Let’s talk shopping! Do you believe in retail therapy? How often do you hit the shops? Tell us about your shopping habits by leaving us a comment below, sending us a Tweet or writing on our Facebook wall!

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