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Plus-sized gyms ban skinny people

plus-sized-gyms-ban-skinny-peopleWe’ve all been there, sweating over the treadmill in the gym, with Miss Fitness Fanatic wearing nothing but a small sports bra and tiny spandex pants bounding endlessly beside you, with not a smudge of make-up on her face. Whilst you hide at the back of a spin class, inching further and further towards the floor in a pool of sweat. Well, a new type of gym – designed for plus-sized persons only – could soon see skinny gym-goers told to ‘jog on’.

Whilst the population seems to be dotted here and there with Cameron Diaz-clones; bulging biceps and Tracey Anderson washboard stomachs, there’s the majority of us that, well, just aren’t. And so the gym can seem a daunting place, and sometimes seeing Miss Perfect Body working out really makes you want to give up, go home and cry over a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

But those super-fit skinnies can step aside for the new trend hitting America: plus-size-only gyms. Body Exchange, located in Canada, only allows memberships to those who have at least 50 lbs to lose and is designed as a ‘safe haven’ for overweight people who want to fight the flab in a friendlier workout environment.

This new gym trend does have wider implications, however: whilst being more supportive towards overweight people, is singling out obese individuals any better for people’s self-esteem? It’s already growing in America, so is this craze soon to hit the UK? Of course exercising should be encouraged for everyone – not just those overweight – as you can be a healthy weight and still at risk of heart disease and diabetes, so is banning skinny gym-goers fair?

Words: Connie Foster-Hall
Image: Shutterstock 

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