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Missed out on Olympic tickets? Find out how you can enjoy the summer of sport

missed-out-on-olympic-ticketsSome of us may have heard of a sporting event this summer; it’s Olympics time. However not all of us will have been lucky enough to get tickets yet will still want to get involved in the games and enjoy this ‘summer of sport’.

How then could we get involved this summer? Well a quick search came up with a very helpful website called Sports Clubs Directory UK which lists a good number of the sports clubs in the UK. Not only can I search by sport but I can handily search by location as well. I found it quite useful to hear that there’s a handball club near me that accepts inexperienced players for beginners training; it might be nice to try a lesser known sport this summer.

Many sports clubs also have youth teams, or weekly training sessions available for the kids as well. Our local football team offers “Summer Soccer Schools” for children aged 8-11 to go and enjoy some time with the pro’s. UK wide Premier is offering new before-school Sports clubs for those who want to continue with the sporting activities after the summer has gone. They also offer some clubs during the holiday however the range of these is much less extensive.

Getting involved in a sports club is however, not the only way to enjoy sports this summer. Many people prefer to get friends together and head to a local leisure centre, if this is more your cup of tea e-commerce giant Amazon currently has a lot of great deals on sports equipment.

Playing isn’t the only hands on way to get involved with the Olympic atmosphere though. Lots of you will consider throwing a good old British street party, or getting the family and friends together so the kids can play in the back garden whilst we enjoy the British Summer. Many supermarkets and local shops will no doubt be selling yards of bunting alongside paper cups and napkins with the Union flag embedded across them. This will help you get into the Olympic mood almost as much as furore that followed the Olympic torch around the country.

So never fear, missing out on Olympic tickets doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t enjoy the atmosphere, as there is lots of fun to be had and plenty of ways to keep the family active and kids excited.

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