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Jogging in the city

jogging-in-the-cityJogging in the city can be a scary prospect; crowded parks, wrong turns and dodging day trippers. However, jogging in the city really is a free and effective way to keep fit. So don those trainers, turn your music up and get ready to fly through the streets with our things you should know before you go.

Before you start
Make sure you plan your route and know exactly where you are going. The website allows you to enter in the route of your choice and will tell you the exact distance you will be running. Don’t forget to check ahead of time for local events and street closures that may affect your route.

Essential Equipment
Top of the list of essentials for safe jogging is a decent pair of running shoes. Reputable sports retailers will offer free advice on what’s best for you, and your budget. Don’t forget a decent pair of socks to combat potential blisters. Take a water bottle for hydration. Upbeat music will help you keep your pace, but be careful not to have it too loud. Blocking out traffic sounds can be dangerous!

Safe Jogging
Use the same common sense when jogging in the city as you would if you were out for a walk. If you’re out alone, exercise caution, especially in the dark. The best times to go running if you want quieter streets are very early in the morning or late in the evening, but these aren’t always the best times for safe jogging. Steer clear of areas you’re not familiar with. Stick to well lit main roads. Ensure that you are visible by wearing city safe clothing, bright colours and even reflectors. It’s recommended to take some form of ID with you in case of accidents.

Track Your Progress
Nike+ and Adidas miCoach both track your distance, route and speed on your phone and computer. For the serious city jogger, various gadgets are available to go with the software. Monitors to see how many calories your burning, how fast you are going and how far you are jogging all give you up to second stats.

Avoid Zombies!
For a bit of fun, try the Zombies, Run! app. Working in the same way to track speed and distance, it places you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with tasks to complete as you jog.

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