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Does detox work?

dettox drinks_and_veg_11_07_12Does detox work? – This is a common question. The truth is that detox works wonders for the purpose of removing the toxins in our body and cleansing it. Every day we ingest toxins in our body unknowingly, and they end up damaging our body severely after they get inside it. Thus, in order to detoxify and cleanse our body of all the toxins and harmful residues of modern life we need to follow a detox program. Here are a couple of our easy to introduce favourites:

Reduce your toxin load

In order to get started you can reduce your toxin load. Don’t consume alcohol, cigarettes, food containing saturated fats or refined sugars. This would provide your body with the required ‘break’ to help boost up its cleansing system. If you haven’t engaged in detox for a long period of time then you will need to follow a strict program.

Water and juice diet

You can engage in a juice diet wherein you don’t consume anything apart from water and vegetable and fruit juices. Depending on your tolerance level, you can even go for a week with this diet otherwise you should follow it for a minimum of three days. It is highly effective for the purpose of releasing toxins from the body.

Hot lemon water

A popular detox method would be the hot lemon water program. This is a very simple detox program in which one mixes fresh lemon juice with hot or boiling water. For flavor you can add sugar but it would reduce the detoxifying properties of the beverage. This is an intense detox program which can be used to kick start the day. Continue to drink this detox drink for a month or so instead of your morning tea or coffee and you’ll soon see a difference in your body. Hot lemon water can combat issues like constipation, heartburn, nausea, digestion problems, etc.

Skin detox

Another great detox program is to drink only water for one day every week. This is a highly effective ancient detox practice that is followed by people of many different cultures. You can also go for a skin detox in order to help your body detoxify itself. In order to do this you should substitute whole grains for refined carbs like flour, replace red meat with fishes that are rich in the healthy omega-3 fatty acids, use olive oil or sesame oil instead of hydrogenated vegetable oil, consume nuts and seeds and also drink purified water. This routine can be followed for a month or so. Exfoliating in the form of brushing or scrubbing everyday during bath also helps the skin in detoxifying itself.

Have you detoxed? Did it work? What did you do? Drop us a line to let us know what was successful.

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