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De-stress in five minutes

woman drinking_herbal_tea_14_06_12Stressed? Here are some easy (and quick!) ways to de-stress. And don’t worry, they’ll only take five minutes of your time, so sit back, relax and take heed:

Get moving – This is particularly important if you spend most of your day cooped up indoors at your desk. Whether it’s going for a five-minute jog when you get home from work, or taking the time to pop outside and get some air during lunch, exercise and movement can work wonders for stress levels.

Get listening – Music has the potential to raise our moods instantly, so why not try putting some classical music on? This is a great way to block everything out and relax. Or, alternatively, listen to one of your favourite songs that always brings a smile to your face – you’ll be feeling brighter in no time.

Get drinking – And no, we don’t mean alcohol, we’re talking herbal tea. Drinking caffeine-heavy drinks – such as coffee and energy drinks – can be tempting go-tos when you’re feeling the pressure but they won’t help stress levels. Instead opt for a herbal tea, which has the warming properties of coffee without the caffeine high.

Get writing – When we’re stressed, it’s easy to only focus on the negative, and so making a list or a mind map of positive things in your life can be the perfect way to inject some perspective into your day. You could write about your friends and family, or note down your work achievements (always good for a stressful day in the office!).

Get tidying – As the saying goes, ‘clear body, clear mind’, well sometimes ‘clear desk, clear mind’ is just as important. Taking a few minutes to organise your papers, or clear away rubbish and make some space can help give you more focus at work. If you’re constantly surrounded by chaos, you’re sense of organisation is likely to be in disarray too.

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