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Change by Thought?

changing thought_to_plan_12_07_12Kate Walker, our personal trainer columnist, looks at how you can achieve in life with just a few changes in thought!

Whatever we want to achieve in life – wealth, dress size, success – ultimately it’s our thoughts that determine whether we achieve it or not.

Today, we have more information than ever about being fit and healthy to allow us to achieve our optimum weight. So, why is it, that obesity rates are higher than ever before and rising? Why isn’t our knowledge and understanding of how our bodies work, achieving the lasting results we want?

The information isn’t wrong – it’s just not the complete picture. Healthy eating and exercise are the journey but first we need to set the direction. If we just got in the car and set off driving we would end up somewhere, but would it be the destination we wanted? We my make the best of where we end up but are we happy at making do?

Imagine your unconscious brain is like the navigation system on your car. First it has to be set up correctly to ensure it can take us where we want to go consciously.

The human brain is an immensely complex organ. While on a conscious level we may want to be slim and healthy, there may be lots of contradictory messages flying around our unconscious mind. We may as yet be unaware of these messages that are preventing us from putting the conscious desires into practice. The messages in our unconscious may be quite simple – on a conscious level, we want to lose weight, but at an unconscious level we might be telling ourselves “but I never have, I have tried and failed too many times. I am destined to always be this size”. It is this type of unconscious message that overrides our conscious desire and efforts to lose weight.

The good news is that it is relatively easy to change your unconscious thought patterns and in effect ‘re-program’ the internal navigation system. There are 5 key steps to effectively making this change:

  1. Acknowledge the old phrases and words that you have been using about yourself that no longer serve you. Then write down what it is you are going to be instead.
  2. Each time you hear yourself say the old phrases or words correct yourself so that you ‘condition in’ the new you.
  3. Act as if you have already achieved the change. For example, if you’re moving away from being lazy, do things to prove to yourself you’re an active, go-getting person.
  4. Write a gratitude diary each day. Write down everything you have been grateful for in that day and things you have done. It can be anything that makes you light up and smile.
  5. First thing in the morning, run through your ‘new you list’ and your gratitude diary so that you start your day feeling great and programming in the new person who you are now.

Whatever it is we want to be, from being slimmer, to being fitter, to greater wealth, our thoughts dictate our outcomes. These simple, but effective, steps enable us to make real change happen and achieve the outcomes we want to achieve.

About the author
Kate Walker is a personal trainer and also runs Diabetes and You ( and Be Nice To You ( Training clients is more of a passion than a job to her. As we are constantly learning more about the human body and mind there are more and more ways to live that extraordinary life. Kate has invested highly in her professional development ensuring she provides the best information and training for every client’s personal need.

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