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Benefits of exercise you may not know about

gym girl_stretching_15_06_12We all know about how exercise tones you up, is good for your heart and lungs and is great for that feel good factor, but there are other not so obvious benefits…

Good for your hearing

A study showed that people who exercise regularly had improved hearing in the short term and it showed that it preserved good hearing in the long term, compared to non-exercisers.

Sex please

Regular exercise does increase your libido – 8,000 women in a study experienced greater arousal, had sex more often and achieved orgasm more easily.

Sleep well

Being active in the day does help you sleep better at night – it can make you fall asleep quicker and get a better night’s sleep.

Move it

It can also help you move your bowels more often as it boosts your circulation and you are less likely to have constipation as sedentary people.

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