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How to talk to your daughter about her pelvic floor

Don’t pass bad habits down the generations! Can you remember your mum telling you to go to the toilet ‘just in case’? It was usually a command that all the family obeyed before leaving the house. What about those other words of wisdom ‘It’s a good idea to stop and start when you’re weeing, it helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles’? Your mum’s weren’t doing you any favours. Going to the toilet ‘just ...

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Why we love pilates!

Pilates - the celebs love it, we love it and if you don’t already, you will love it too. We give you the low down on why you should give it a try… ...

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How to treat bed wetting

You should try to understand that it’s not your child’s fault and they are not wetting the bed intentionally. It’s quite a common problem and in a typical class of 30 children aged between seven to nine years, a couple of them will wet the bed. It’s not something parents tend to chat about in the school playground! Quite commonly, it can be a problem that runs in families. Children who wet the bed often hav ...

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