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10 celebrity flat tummy secrets

Stubborn tummy fat is a common problem many people cite when asked what they would like to improve most on their body. We find out how the celebs stay trim, healthy and happy... ...

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Unusually named medical conditions

We’ve all heard of the common cold but these conditions are not run-of-the-mill. They may have fun or frivolous names, but for those living with them they’re serious medical conditions. Medic Alert tells us more... Alice in Wonderland Syndrome This is a neurological syndrome that affects perception. People can feel like they're giants, or have giant body parts, moving through a tiny world. They can also fee ...

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The gift of eye sight

For 69-year-old Winesi March, the worst thing about blindness was a tough call. Was it the fact that he’d never seen his baby grandson? The fear that some danger, such as a snake, might approach him and he wouldn’t know? The loneliness of his isolation from community activities? Or the guilt he felt for his inability to provide for his family? Cataract in both eyes meant that this was Winesi’s reality for t ...

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Survive The Season

Your body’s probably dreading what you’re about to put it through, so limit the potential damage with a bit of preparation: from boosting your immune system to beating the bloat... ...

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