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It’s his best friend forever. The fulfiller of his desires and the object of most of his attention (ahem), but how much does he (and you) really know about his most prized possession? ...

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Smart ways to improve your posture

Altering the way you sit, stand, and hold yourself can prevent back, neck and shoulder problems from developing. It’s time to straighten up… Most people will experience back pain at some point. Indeed, it’s reckoned it affects half the UK population and costs more than £50million every day in terms of NHS treatments, disability benefits and absence from work (sick days blamed on bad backs amount to at least ...

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Screening for early detection of serious conditions can allow you to take charge of your health ...

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10 celebrity flat tummy secrets

Stubborn tummy fat is a common problem many people cite when asked what they would like to improve most on their body. We find out how the celebs stay trim, healthy and happy... ...

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