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The ultimate lamb meal

86 ingredient_lamb_17_05_12Chicago-based chef Grant Achatz explores a more molecular approach to serving up lamb.

A new gastronomic trend is set to stamp out all springtime notions of lambs a’leaping. Displayed delicately across a giant glass platter, the esteemed Chicago chef, Achatz, has sourced and prepared 86 individual ingredients to compliment lamb in a multitude of manners.

The colourful, grid-like creation has received critical acclaim that it looks more like a work of art, rather than a hearty meal. And so far food critics have remained quiet on the taste of the dazzling dish.

Now served at Chicago’s ‘progressive dining’ gem Alinea, guests can expect flavour infusions from cherry and peach tones merged with fava beans and yogurt. Don’t think about scraping the whole lot together on the glass plate though. Precision eating is a must, as chef Achatz divides each component out on a flat glass tray in individual blue squares. Nothing like a good chart to organise meals.

Expect the tiny portions to appear chopped and shredded or as scoops, slices, cubes or dollops, before they are placed alongside tender slices of lamb.

And if this seems a little taxing for dinnertime, the ’86 lamb’ dish lets restaurant guests off lightly. Achatz’s previous forays into molecular gastronomy have included 18-course tasting menus. A long night in the restaurant, with only 64 diners allowed a seat, the Michelin-starred restaurant is an exclusive, as well as ‘different’ experience.

But Achatz must know what he’s doing.  Alinea is the only restaurant in Chicago to achieve triple Michelin star honour, both this year and last year.

Picture credit: YouTube

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