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The new flash mob event: flash dining

dinerenblanc new_york_28_08_12Over the past decade, there’s been a new breed of events surfacing: from the carefully choreographed dance routines that have graced tubes, airports and city squares to the advent of the pop-up shop that may be on your high street one day, and gone the next. But now, the flash mob phenomenon has turned its hand to dinner time…

On 20 September, the unique event named Dîner en Blanc will enjoy its first residence in the UK, taking place in London. Where in London? Nobody knows as of yet – and this is the intrigue of the experience. Just like a flash mob dance routine, no one knows where it will pop up. Following success in 20 cities across the world – including New York and Singapore – Dîner en Blanc will be making its way to a public space near you very soon.

The event itself is entirely organised through social media and there’s a dress code to match its title: guests are requested to wear white attire. It’s not only themselves they need to bring though: those attending the event will need to bring their own tables, chairs, table linen – and even their own dinner! The impromptu diners will be accompanied by live music and dancing – only to tidy away all their goods and disappear as if they were never there.

With a limit of 1,442 ‘chic picnickers’ attending, if you’re interested in this unique dining experience, head to in a flash.

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Picture credit: Verena Dobnik / PA Images

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