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Kitchen chaos at Christmas

Jamie Oliver makes cooking a Christmas dinner for the whole family look as easy as pie. And we reckon his missus, Jools, should count herself as a very lucky woman, because according to a new study, more than a third of men won’t lift a finger in the kitchen this Christmas…

Cooking the Christmas roast can be quite stressful – there’s just so much to do! The turkey needs basting, the veggies need peeling, the gravy needs stirring, the stuffing needs making and all those pesky pigs need to be rolled into their blankets… and the list goes on! But despite this, a third of men won’t help out in the kitchen on Christmas Day, says a new survey by Red Tractor beef and lamb.

A lack of confidence, previous failures and complicated recipes are the main excuses men give for staying out of the kitchen on December 25th. Many others don’t get involved in the Christmas dinner  preparations because they believe their other half is happy to take care of everything.

However, a half of women say they would like more help in the kitchen on Christmas Day.

A spokesman said: ‘We all know that women do a lot of work at Christmas, but men shouldn’t make up excuses for not helping out or be afraid of the kitchen. They shouldn’t let previous mistakes put them off having a go at recipes. The answer for the nation’s women is to get everyone pitching in – the job will be done in half the time, which means everyone will have time to relax and it’s a collective effort.’

Let’s discuss – in your household, who does most of the cooking on Christmas Day? Do you wish you got more help in the kitchen when preparing Christmas dinner? Tell us in the comments below, send us a Tweet or write on our Facebook wall!

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