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Hangover-proof wine?

sorelle wine_style_drink_09_07_12Wine is quite arguably a girl’s best friend and at times, her worst enemy too. That fermented grape juice drink that we just can’t get enough of is there in times of celebration, commiseration and every event – big or small – in between. But now there’s a new wine on offer with a quarter of the calories and – best of all – it’s hangover proof…

Yes, it is non-alcoholic, but Sorelle – a new wine-style drink – has the taste of wine without the after-effects that commonly come with it: notoriously a sore head and weight gain. It already has the backing of The Only Way Is Essex’s Gemma Collins, and looks set to sweep dinner parties and girly nights-in. And at a mere 24 calories a glass, compared to the average 120-150 calories for a typical glass of wine, it’s a much healthier alternative if you’re dieting and wine is your weak spot.

Not to mention that for those of us who don’t drink, or rather can’t – whether it’s expecting mothers or the designated driver for the night – it’s a much more all-inclusive beverage. You can still have a wine glass like others, and feel part of the celebration, in the safe knowledge that it’s alcohol free.

The sparkling Sorelle ( is available in two flavours: a Rosé and a Sauvignon Blanc and is currently available in Tesco for £3.49 – and if you hurry, it’s buy one get one free until 17th July!

Picture credit: Sorrelle’s Facebook

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