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Guilt-free food: Under 200 calories

guilt-free-food-3-24-05-12Ditch the doughnuts, these low-cal snacks are too good to say no to!

Cocoa Orange Bar, 
Nākd. 72p
‘Strong flavours filled my mouth from the first bite. Initially the chocolate and orange taste was overpowering but soon mellowed and was enjoyable and, if the claims on the packaging are correct, I’m eating more healthily without the food being bland.’
Dave Louca, 28

Pineapple and Cashew Tropical Fruitbar, Tropical Wholefoods 80p
‘Pineapple and cashew didn’t sound like a great combo to me, but this bar was fine. It was sweet, which meant it didn’t feel that healthy, and I couldn’t taste the cashew. The texture was nice and smooth though, so not a bad 
treat at all!’
Puneet Chahal, 43

Omega Mix, 
Munchy Seeds 65p
‘While it might look like a bag of bird food, this healthy snack – it contains sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, sesame, rape, linseed and flax seeds – is actually really tasty and incredibly moreish. I think it would be even better sprinkled on salads or in sandwiches, adding a welcome tasty, healthy crunch.’
Charlotte Maugham, 28

Goji , Seed & Berry mix, Waitrose Love Life £1.99
‘This seed and berry mix is delicious and extremely filling; perfect for fending off that mid-morning hunger or the afternoon sweet craving. You can also appreciate the different flavours of the fruits and nuts – an all-round yummy snack.’
Lucy Mouzouris, 29

Original Ginger Chews, 
The Ginger People £1.99
‘These bite-sized pieces are packed with ginger and are very, very chewy. The ideal sweet for anyone who loves ginger beer and the like. However, if the fragrant spice isn’t to your taste, I’d suggest you steer clear of these, as they pack a powerful punch!’
Jessie Bland, 21

Cheery Cherries, Goody Good Stuff £1.49
‘I love the flavour of cherries and these don’t disappoint. They’re really juicy and fruity but not too sickly, though that does mean I could eat a whole bag at one go. They’re also suitable for veggies which is unusual.’
Ellie Allen-Eslor, 26 

Apricot & Almond Wholesome Bar, The Food Doctor 75p
‘Chewy and sticky, this bar is full of fruit, seeds and cereals, so it feels like a substantial healthy snack. The apricot and almond flavour is quite subtle and the fruit makes the bar moist and sweet without any added sugars. Great to pop in your bag when you’re on the move.’
Victoria Hill, 33

Soft Eating Liquorice Bar, Henry Goode’s £1.82
‘A tasty bar of liquorice which reminds me of 
a grown-up sherbet dib-dab! Sweet but not sugary, this soft-textured bar has a strong aniseed taste. 
I’m a big Allsorts fan, 
so I’ve never been tempted by liquorice in a bar before but
I must say, it’s 
quite handy!’
Louise Parry, 36 

Compiled by: Jessie Bland
Image: Shutterstock

This article was first published in at home with Lorraine Kelly in April 2012. [Read the digital edition here]

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