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Dinner party cheats

Channel 4′s reality show Come Dine With Me has made dinner parties oh-so-fashionable, and lots of us are cracking open the bubbly, polishing off our best cutlery and inviting our friends round for an evening of wining and dining. But sometimes, at home readers, the pressure of entertaining can just be too much to handle, so many of us are resorting to passing off supermarket ready meals as our own…

Being the hostess with the mostest can be hard work. What with picking the perfect bottle of wine, laying the table like a pro and deciding on dinner party music (James Morrison or Micheal Buble?), sometimes we need a little helping hand in the kitchen. A new survey of 3,000 people by luxury pudding company Devilishh has revealed that four in ten of us cheat when preparing for a dinner party because we are too busy to cook everything from scratch.

That’s right, a quarter of people polled said they couldn’t be bothered with the fuss and mess, and the same number agreed that it was more important to impress their dinner guests than to cook everything from scratch.

From ready-made pastry to ordering a takeaway, we take a look at the most popular dinner party cheats…

Top ten dinner party cheats

  1. Using ready-made pastry (50%)
  2. Using shop-bought stock (35%)
  3. Using sauce from a jar or packet (33%)
  4. Using frozen vegetables (19%)
  5. Ordering a takeaway (12%)
  6. Getting your mother to prepare a dinner party for you (10%)
  7. Hiring a catering company (10%)
  8. Serving supermarket microwave meals (9%)
  9. Serving tinned soup (8%)
  10. Having a friend cook a meal and drop it round (5%)

Ever been caught out as a dinner party cheat? Just over one in ten confessed to being found out after being unable to answer awkward questions about the recipe, while 20% admitted that they would lie through their teeth if they were ever caught out!

A spokesman for Devilishh said: "Everyone lives such fast paced lives it is hard to pull off a perfect dinner party, especially if you work and have a family.  It can take hours to cook a three course meal from scratch so it’s inevitable people may cut a few corners to get everything done. If you haven’t got the time, talent or inclination to make your own desserts from scratch it’s perfectly acceptable to cheat a bit."

Do think it’s acceptable to cut a few corners when preparing a dinner party? Or do you believe everything should be made from scratch? Are you a dinner party cheat? Have you ever been caught out? Tell us in the comments below, send us a Tweet or write on our Facebook wall!

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