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Boozy baking: Cocktail-flavour cupcakes

colourful cupcakes_08_08_12Whisks at the ready! National Cupcake Week commences on 17 – 23 September, and what better excuse to get your baking hat on than to rustle up some boozy cupcakes? The ideal sweet treat for fans of delicious baking and an alcoholic tipple or two (so many of you, then).

Now whilst the concept of alcoholic baking may feel you with dread: with images of rum-curdled cream or sambuca-potent sponge, fear not, with a little practice, some patience (and quite a few shots of alcohol) you can whip up some cocktail-infused cupcakes.

But if you’re not quite feeling up to the bake-off challenge, then there’s champion bakers at the ready to quench your ‘caketail thirst’: try or, who both bake an array of alcohol-infused delights.

Spoilt for choice? Why not opt for a your favourite cocktail as inspiration for your caketail? And if you’re not an alcohol fan, there still may be a recipe for you: try mocktail cupcakes which take influence from their spirit-free drinkable counterparts.

Just a word of warning: try not to eat (or in this case, drink) as you bake, as this could definitely be a recipe for disaster…

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