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Want to design your own nail varnish?

brightly coloured_nail_polish_05_09_12Keeping our nails in tip-top condition is fast becoming a top priority for the fashion-conscious woman. But not satisfied with the array of dazzling lights and brights available in store, Nails Inc have welcomed couture nail polish – one that you design just for you (or a fellow nail-savvy friend).

1. Pick a lid
With six options available – from bling to sheen – this is where your bespoke nail varnish begins to take shape. Simply drag and drop to put a lid on it.

2. Choose a colour
There’s currently 80 shades to choose, from the subtle Pall Mall (pearl) to the club-ready Chelsea Embankment (glitter), so whatever your fancy there’s bound to be a colour to suit.

3. Name it
Ever wanted to name your very own cosmetic a wonderfully obscure title? Now’s your chance. Or you could simply add your name – or a friend’s if it’s a gift – for that extra personalised touch.

4. Think outside the box
Your couture nail varnish comes with a stylish gift box which you can customise with a choice of stickers including: ‘Get well soon’ and ‘Yummy mummy’ – perfect for that personalised girly present.

To get couture nails, visit and get designing for £20, or under.

Picture credit: Shutterstock

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