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Tulisa to launch fashion line with Bank

tulisa glamour_awards_14_09_12The X Factor hip hop princess is adding another string to her bow, this time pursuing her very own clothing collection

She started off her career in the spotlight by bouncing around the stage as a hip hop songstress in N-Dubz, alongside her cousin Dappy and friend Fazer. The tables then turned for Tulisa Contostavlos and, after calling a hiatus on N-Dubz’s musical output, the singer decided to mentor aspiring youngsters on their own paths to stardom behind the microphone. Sitting pretty alongside Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh, Tulisa is one of the mighty judges on ITV’s X Factor.

But not content with her lot in the music business – and changing her hair colour from one week to the next – Tulisa has confirmed that she will be designing her own clothing line.

Those of you gasping in horror at the thought of her embarking on a quest to become the new Victoria Beckham; fear not. Luxe fabrics and painstakingly intricate designs don’t seem to be the order of the day for Tulisa, as her fashion foray sees her pairing up with high street, affordable fashion chain Bank. More likely, you’ll see the brightly coloured, velour tracksuits the singer so favours when enjoying some down time.

As the latest celebrity to jump on the designing bandwagon, Tulisa has come up with a name true to herself and her personal mantra. Bank have agreed to call the line TFB: The Female Boss, Tulisa’s motto, tattoo and existing fragrance brand.

The reasoning behind the sudden shift towards fashion? ‘Girls often ask me where I get my clothes so I thought I’d create my own collection,’ the singer noted, simply.

Conceding, ‘In the past I wasn’t that interested in fashion, but being on The X Factor has made me become much more aware of own my personal style,’ it could well be the stylish bar previous judges Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue left that is responsible for Tulisa’s new fashion-conscious mindset.

So what can we expect from the clothing line? ‘Something that’s fun, feminine, full of attitude and that reflects my personality,’ the star revealed.

If the items are akin to Tulisa’s own personal style, it’s safe to say we can expect a variety of cropped tops, frayed waistcoats and denim. One thing’s for sure, fast-fashion brands like Lipsy and Celeb Boutique, that Tulisa is already a fan of, better watch their space.

Stating that, ‘To me, fashion is about having fun and experimenting and wearing what makes you feel good,’ we have no doubt the October launch is set to include some real show-stoppers.

Picture credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock

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