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The hangers that shoppers really like

canda brazil_hangers_17_05_12Hesitation over which dress to buy is a thing of the past for Brazil’s C&A shoppers, as the decision is now clearly labeled on the rails.

Shopping alone has all the benefits of first dibs and absolutely no time spent hanging outside fitting rooms, mustering compliments about endless tops that all look vaguely similar. That’s until you can’t decide between those vaguely similar tops yourself.

Such consumer uncertainty is about to change for C&A’s customers in Brazil. Sporting a set of ‘FashionLike’ clothing hangers, the store – though a 90s relic for the UK – is set to transform shopping experiences.

The hangers contain a special sort of technology that tallies up the amount of ‘Likes’ the specific item of clothing has scored on C&A’s Facebook site. The number of fans that item has totted up is then displayed on a screen embedded in the hanger.

Customers tempted by two items can simply look at the scoreboards to see which won the popularity contest on the social networking site. Alternatively, the more quirky fashionistas out there can choose to ignore the favourite, and go for the item least likely to be spotted on other C&A shoppers in Brazil. Whether looking for a crowd pleaser or a taste-splitting item, the ‘thumbs up’ icon, usually employed when ‘liking’ a friend’s photograph, has now been put to the good use of kitting out Brazilians in C&A’s finest attire.

Considering the size of British department stores and the less than chirpy nature of the British economy at present, it could be a few years until the screens hit the hangers of our high street stores. Until then, it’s lucky we’ve got friends who can tag along with a catalogue of compliments to dish out.

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