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The donut bun in three simple steps

donut bun_hairstyle_23_05_12Although it might be better known as the go-to hair-do for ballerinas worldwide, the bun has been asserting its authority in 2012 as a versatile everyday look for those of us who do not adorn leotards on the regular…

Making recurring appearances on the catwalk this spring/summer, it’s the perfect hair-do for a casual day look or sophisticated evening glamour. One of our favourites is the donut bun, which although not edible as the name might suggest, can make a tasty addition to your outfit whatever the occasion.

1. First, you’ll need to get hold of a hair donut. You can normally find them in beauty shops, pharmacists (even Primark currently sell them for a mere £1!). Be sure to select a donut that suits your hair colour, though (blondes don’t get a brown donut, it will ruin the elegant look!). Depending upon how long your hair is and what size of bun you’re after, you can always make your own donut: simply cut the toe end of an old (clean) sock, and roll it in on itself until you’ve got the perfect donut shape.

2. Now you need to decide what look you wish to go for: messy or sleek? This will likely depend on the occasion, and it may be worthwhile testing out the different versions before braving the donut bun for a big night out. For a chic, sleek look (think Adele), brush all hair back into a tight ponytail, smoothing down any lumps and bumps with a comb, and for a less groomed look, just make sure all your hair is secured in a high ponytail (remember: wherever your ponytail sits, is where your bun will eventually sit!).

3. Grab your hair donut – bought or handmade – and stretch it around your ponytail. Lean forward and separate your hair so that all areas of the donut are covered, and now place another hairband around the bun (this helps keep it all in place) and begin pinning excess hair in place with kirby grips. Depending upon the length of your hair, you can pin around the bun to hide the hair band, or alternatively pin it underneath the bun.

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