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The body is a blank canvas waiting to be painted

henna tattoo_brides_hand_10_07_12Body art has advanced over the years. The body can be adorned with various designs and art to make it beautiful and appealing and several body pieces can be worn to enhance body appearance.

Body art

Body art can be used for self-expression. Furthermore, they are now socially acceptable among all ages, races and genders. Body mosaics can be used to emphasize uniqueness and individual elegance in this progressively diverse world. The use of body paintings have intensified because they are a much less restrictive technique of creative self expression.


A tattoo is the most permanent and can be used to express your feelings or desires. Moreover, the designs can have a hidden meaning or express sexual orientation that will last forever. But what if you are worried about choosing a design that will last your whole life? The following are ideal alternatives for evading commitments of permanent designs:


Henna paintings are a natural technique of creating painting designs. It is a harmless alternative because it uses ink extracted from henna plant leaves. This technique can create numerous temporary images and designs on the hands and feet, which last for ten to fifteen days. However, it is restricted to shades of darker colours such as red, brown, green, or black. Sparkles and crystals can be added to the designs to draw more attention.


Glitter designs are an inventive technique of adorning your body with impermanent designs. These artworks have been used for advertising, self-expression, parties and religion purposes. They can be applied to the face, arms and legs and can be removed immediately with soap and water.

Body paints

Most body paints can be removed immediately, while others usually last for two days but they can be removed with soap and water or make up removers. They can even be worn during weekends without interfering with work schedules.

Temporary transfers

Temporary transfers are generated to show eternal desire and give an exotic and glamorous look. They are clinically tested, inexpensive and designed for different moods and occasions. They are suitable for fashion-conscious people, event coordinators and party planners to give innovative entertainment value. Temporary transfers last for about one week or removed immediately using alcohol. 

What type will you chose? And what designs?

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