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Swapping’s the new shopping

clothes swapping_women_21_06_12Money’s short and that dress is but a distant dream, but there’s a new alternative to shopping, and that’s swapping.

We all know that economic times are strained and making every penny go further is essential; one only needs to look at the current penchant for charity shop trawling and eBaying in the clothing world. But now, there’s a new website to help matters: Closet Swap (

The site, which is accompanied by a handy iPhone app, allows you share and swap clothes with friends all with a few clicks of a button. A great idea, especially so when you’ve been admiring your best friend’s blouse from afar for a while now. Not to mention, there’s only four simple steps to Closet Swap:

1) Gather your clothes
2) Upload to your closet (with images)
3) Add your friends
4) Let the swapping begin!

It’s free to create an account, which you do through simply signing in with your Facebook account (for optimum sharing ability) and away you go! And in addition to this handy hub for garment swapping and borrowing, the site also comes fit with stats about your virtual closet and borrowing activity; know-how on all the latest local vintage stores and markets – and the opportunity to hold your own parties in all the name of fashion and swapping.

So what are you waiting for? Go swap until you drop!

Picture credit: Shutterstock

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