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Richard Branson strikes a bargain with fashion jeans label

richard branson_31_07_12The Virgin Atlantic figurehead has been in tough negotiations with the ‘I Am Not A Virgin’ label to alter their brand name.

Fresh on the eco clothing scene are New York based brand I Am Not A Virgin. Offering jeans and T-shirts made from a blend of virgin cotton and a variety of recycled materials including plastic bottles, food packaging and discarded X-Ray film, the company provide a quirky blend of wholesome yet fashionable attire.  Formed three years ago by Peter Heron, the founder has had the amply fitting name in the pipeline for quite some time. But, on the eve of label’s launch Virgin chief Richard Branson has stuck his mighty ore in, insisting that the brand’s name is infringing on their copyright.

Rather than suggesting the name be altered and shaking hands over the matter nicely, Branson has got his team of lawyers on the case. Peter Heron will now face a cease and desist order, putting somewhat of a spanner in the company’s branding and the logos that have most probably already been designed.

‘What the lawyers are saying’ Heron confirms, ‘is if a consumer walks past a store window and sees I Am Not A Virgin jeans, they wouldn’t be able to decipher between I Am Not A Virgin and Virgin. We don’t believe this to be true.’ While Heron’s clarification certainly makes confusion of the two brands seem unlikely to the point of absurdity, Virgin ‘respectfully maintains its position that confusion and dilution are likely.’

But rather than attack Heron and the environmentally friendly company with just a vicious court case, Branson’s lawyers have been kind enough to suggest some additional options for company’s new ‘rethought’ out branding.

Asking Heron, ‘Have you thought about I Am Not Chaste or I Am Not Pure?’ the clothing label came back with the statement, ‘I guess I could rename my jeans Not Made By Richard Branson.’

With the case already starting out on a level of childlike banter, it will certainly be intriguing to see how it unfolds. Undoubtedly Virgin’s mega millions will rule over the small New York based clothing unit, but we do admire Heron’s determine efforts to stick to the fashion brand’s guns. Make sure you look out for an alternatively named virgin cotton pair of jeans at online stores in the future.

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