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Raunchy Rihanna loses Nivea campaign

rihanna hackney_music_festival_10_08_12The global beauty brand cut their losses with the Bajan pop princess after deeming her wild lifestyle unsuitable for the brand’s ethos.

While the rest of the world might love to see Rihanna gracing the front of magazines and billboards, beauty brand Nivea have decided to remove her face from the front of their campaigns. But it’s nothing to do with the way the Bajan beauty looks. It’s her wild lifestyle that’s cost the singer her lucrative deal with the company.

Though chosen to head up Nivea’s 100th birthday campaign last year, Nivea’s new CEO, Stefan Heidenreich, voiced his doubts about having Rihanna as the frontwoman for the beauty range.

‘Rihanna is a no go… I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna,’ Heidenreich conceded. Continuing to explain, ‘Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability,’ there’s no doubt the 24-year-old would have been disappointed with these indirect personal attacks.

Though Rihanna undoubtedly looks stunning on the head and half-body shot of her featured upon limited-edition tins of Nivea’s body cream, it’s not the first time older members of society have hinted at her need to increase her level of modesty. Told to ‘cover up’ by a farmer in Northern Ireland whilst filming ‘that’ famous music video, the singer clearly ignored his suggestions. The farmer also told the Bajan star to ‘find God.’

But as the singer has admitted to falling ill through dehydration and exhaustion perhaps her snub from Nivea will be the push she needs to look after herself properly.

Not so at the moment though. Rather than falling prey to a catty Twitter fight with Nivea, Rihanna simply tweeted a picture of Heidenreich with the description: ‘No caption necessary’. Silence speaks a thousand words, some might say.

So, who will Heidenreich take on board as frontperson in his request to revive Nivea’s fortunes? Rather, how many celebs can you think of that stand for ‘trust, family and reliability’, while never stepping a toe out of line?

Picture credit: Joel Ryan / PA Images

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