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Nail varnish: the recession-proof cosmetic?

hands holding_nail_polishes_14_06_12There once was a time when lipstick was a girl’s best friend. But now, it seems, there’s a new cosmetic in town, which has stolen this highly coveted title: nail varnish. In fact, all things nails have seen exponential growth not only in the shops, but in salons too.

Sales in 2011 for nail varnishes rose by a hefty 37% – and the biggest chain of nail bars in Britain, Nails Inc, has forecast a turnover of £22 million this year. Nail varnish has – despite economically straitened times – become the must-have accessory for any outfit.

So long gone are the days of boring nails it seems. Over the last year we have seen a host of exciting nail products hit the shops, so why not try mixing it up? And, with nail varnishes proving a relatively inexpensive buy, you’re sure to be able to find something that doesn’t break the bank. Here are some products that have caught our eyes:

Now this has been a product that has made a real stir in the nail art department. Barry M’s Nail Paint Instant Nail Effects varnish, is designed to be applied over a base layer of contrasting-colour varnish. And, as if by magic, the Instant Effects varnish creates a crackled look to your nails.

For those that are feeling slightly more adventurous, try going 3D with your nails, in the form of nail beads. Once your base layer is tacky, pour some beads into a plastic tub, roll around your nails until they are completely covered and voila – you have candy-covered nails. A layer of clear nail polish over the top will secure the beads in place.

Gel nails are the most hardwearing of nail products, although admittedly often the most costly. A set of gels in a salon can set you back anywhere between £20 to 40, but they certainly are long lasting. The gel varnishes are sealed with UV light, which means once they’re done, they’re done – no waiting for them to dry!

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