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James Bond fragrance proves popular with fans

secret agent_james_bond_14_09_12After the first batch of bottles were swept off Harrods’ shelves, brace yourself for the next release of 007: The New Fragrance For Men, sold nationwide on September 19

If you asked the males in your local pub or work office how many of them would like to smell like James Bond the percentage of affirmative answers would be considerably high. Not taking into account the times when Mr. Bond might be a tad sweaty or a little hot under the collar from all those car chases, bare knuckle fights and stealth operations, it’s fair to say 007 has the ‘suave’ factor most men wouldn’t mind emitting themselves. The fact that James Bond has been a pin-up of women for generations before us – and will be for generations to come - might have something to do with it too.

And so what better way to lure Bond fans and aspiring men into the 007 franchise by making a scent. Not just any eau de parfum; an official bottled Bond fragrance.

007: The New Fragrance For Men launched as a worldwide exclusive on August 15 at Harrods. But by the August Bank Holiday weekend all 500 bottles had sold out.

Selling for a reasonable £32, it’s not surprising that men – and their partners – were fighting for a spritz of the scent. One bottle was whipped off the shelves and sold every four minutes, according to Harrods.

But what does a bottle of Bond actually smell like? The scent contains smooth elements of vetiver blended with lavender, and finished with notes of apple. Make of that what you will, but surely the lavender gives a nod to the more sensual side of 007. And could the apple be that oh-so secret ingredient that keeps a catalogue of drop dead gorgeous Bond girls at his door? That or perhaps his honed and toned body surely has something to do with it.

Launching nationwide on September 19, in ample preparation for the launch of October’s Skyfall release, don’t expect to see Daniel Craig on the advertising billboards and merchandising. Rather, the team behind the 007 fragrance have gone for a square jawed, faceless Bond, perhaps adhering to the Bond figureheads of years gone by. Or just simply giving men of the world the chance to envisage themselves as the face on the tuxedo.

Picture credit: Shutterstock

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