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Dressing your age – 30s and beyond

woman in_dressing_room_12_07_12Dressing appropriately for your age can be a touchy subject: we don’t all like to be reminded that we’re getting on in years, and it can be hard to throw out a beloved dress or pair of shoes that just aren’t as fabulous as they were a few years ago. But it doesn’t all have to be about accepting our mortality and saying goodbye to the past – see your renewed wardrobe as part of your own evolution as you get older, and adapt it to your own changing tastes.

The transition from your 20s to your 30s can be a subtle one to make, and it’s often the decade of your life when you want to start injecting a bit more sophistication into your look. Put away the crop tops and super-skinny jeans in lieu of more elegant dresses and straight-legged, slim-fitting jeans in dark washes, and embrace monochrome separates – these give the clean, classic lines that never go out of style. Don’t worry if your figure is changing, especially after having kids: there are plenty of retailers who sell plus size clothing that’s just as flattering as anything you would wear in your 20s!

Going from your 30s to 40s is a bigger step, and requires you to be even more fashion-forward than before if you want to avoid fading into frumpiness. Look for refined and understated clothing and set it off with bold accessories: hats, handbags and larger jewellery pieces. Avoid anything too prim and stuffy like tweed, and instead look for light and breezy cardigans or a slim-fitting trench coat. It may be time to put the miniskirts away forever, but don’t despair – wrap dresses and trouser suits are much more elegant and age-appropriate.

By the time you’re in your 50s and beyond, you should have already developed a personal style that you’re comfortable with. Once your body has settled, fit is everything, and it’s worth visiting a tailor to ensure your favourite pieces are perfectly formed to suit your shape. You’re at the age where you can safely ignore trends, but this doesn’t mean you have to fall into a rut – keep being imaginative with your outfits, while continuing to invest in classic pieces that focus on style. Fashion moguls tend to advise that over-50s avoid layering, which can make you look older, and leave the sky-high heels to the younger generation. But if you feel comfortable, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing what you want – with five decades of fashion experience, you’ve earned it!

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