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Creating That Capsule Wardrobe

silk scarf_17_05_12Anyone who has seen Gok Wan in action will know that he is always saying that women in the UK having too many clothes in their wardrobe. Gok is a big believer in the idea of a “capsule wardrobe” – keeping your closet down to essential clothes that can be mixed and matched to create various of outfits for every occasion.

So here’s our run-down of how to create a wardrobe with ten items of must-have clothes that will (hopefully) last you a life-time:
1. That LBD – The go-to item that every woman should have at the forefront of her closet. Versatile, classy and elegant.

2. Trench Coat – A classic trench looks beautiful when teamed with a dress or loosely over a pair of jeans to smarten up a look.

3. Leather Boots – A good pair of trustworthy boots will see you through many a winter and without fail look elegant and expensive.

4. Well-fitted Jeans – Jeans are without a doubt the most difficult item of clothing to shop for as many brands don’t cater for all shapes and sizes. Yet still jeans remain an item of must-have clothes. Levis have recently unveiled their new range for different sized bottoms, making it a lot easier to find that perfect pair. They are worth the investment as they can be worn in so many ways. For a casual look, team with boots and a t-shirt, or dress up with killer heels and a blazer.

5. Crisp White Shirt – Effortlessly classic. A white shirt is both chic and cool.

6. Silk Scarf – A scarf will brighten up any outfit and make you look a million dollars instantly.

7. Killer Heels – Where would we be without our killer heels ladies? For instant sex appeal, every woman should own one pair of heels that make you feel like sex on legs.

8. Leather Handbag – Seriously worth the investment. A quality handbag will go on and on, looking better with age and will add class to the most simple outfit.

9. Blazer – A simple, chic blazer can transform any outfit.

10. Casual Dress – That figure-hugging dress that every girl needs for an instant confidence boost. Team with a blazer and heels for a glam look or boots and a silk scarf for a daytime look.

And there is your list of essential clothes for 2012.

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