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Britain mapped by make-up

make up_montage_11_05_12When asked to pick your ultimate make-up must have, it could be your location, rather than the product’s magical superpowers, that makes it your handbag staple.

Department store, John Lewis, decided to find out whether Liverpudlian to Mancunian lasses are all the same at heart when it comes to their slap. By comparing sales of different cosmetics at branches across the country, research analyst company, Mintel, helped them uncover some rather telling results about what we love to put on our face:

Chelsea – It seems our posh chums on King’s Road like to go for investment products, with sales of facial serums a whole 21% higher than the national average.

Bluewater – The ladies of Kent are clearly more diligent with their daily cleanse routine than most, as 8% more facial cleansers went through the John Lewis tills compared with anywhere else.

Cheadle – The aspiring WAGS of Cheshire seem to be favouring mascara over falsies when it comes to preparing their peepers for battle. The footballers’ wives county saw its town Cheadle rack up 7% more in mascara sales than the rest of the nation. Mintel also found that a whopping 73% of north west women use eye make-up – the highest in the UK.

Manchester – Sales results show Mancunian gals believe there’s nothing like a set of fashion forward fingers to make a good impression, with a whopping 20% more nail varnish sold than in John Lewis stores elsewhere.

Newcastle – Ladies in the north east, the birthplace of reality TV show, Geordie Shore, prioritise the affects of soft, supple skin over other more traditional beauty essentials, with the demand for moisturisers tipping the scales at 15% more than the national average.

Bristol – The streets and university campuses of Brizzle are lined with strong coloured lips, as 12% more women choose to say it with lippy.

Cardiff – Mintel found that Wales as a whole had the second least number of blusher users, but Cardiff went against the grain in a big way, with 51% more rosy-cheeked chicas than the rest of the UK!

Solihull – In the midlands, glossy lips are a real trend on trial, with 20% more women applying a slick of lip gloss to finish off their look.

Liverpool – The setting of TV programme Desperate Scousewives, and, as Mintel found, also home to the highest proportion of tan lovers in the country. Their research discovered that 20% of north west women like to be tanned, with Liverpool no exception as if sales of bronzers and fake tan are anything to go by, Liverpudlian lasses now look 35% more orange than the rest of the UK.

Edinburgh – Scottish John Lewis shoppers showed that they believe a good foundation is the key to achieving a flawless face, with 15% more women prioritising spot and blemish cover before other make-up products.

So, if you want to avoid a battle for products in the make-up aisle, think about where you are next time you plan to quickly pick something up before a night out in someone else’s stomping ground – chances are you won’t find it!

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