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Beauty Box: Seche Vite

Aside from lipstick, my favourite beauty products come in the form of nail varnish. Or nail polish. Or nail paint, whatever your preference of name may be. Up until around this time last year, my nails were virtually non-existent due to having bitten them for the vast majority of my life; my grandma promised me a Barbie in return for long nails, that’s how long ago the habit should have been kicked!

The funny thing now though is that I wouldn’t dream of biting them and still often wonder how I managed to have horrible nails for so long. Having well-looked after nails is similar to having nice eyebrows – it’s the subtle things that make a huge difference and a good impression (or so I think, anyway).

I’m not going to deny that my nail varnish collection is probably slightly ridiculous; I have a plethora of pinks, an array of nudes (who said nude came in just one shade?) and more varieties of red (Red Red Wine, Pillar Box Red, Bright Red, to name but a few) than I care to even think about. But that’s beside the point, what’s important here is how you finish painting your nails.

It wasn’t until recently that I realised the importance of a base coat and a top coat. I’d always known it was probably useful to use a clear coat before painting nails, although I wasn’t entirely sure why. But then my nails turned yellow and looked like I’d had a 40-a-day habit for too long, so I invested in Seche Vite – a fast drying top coat that also acts as a base coat too.

I’d read about Seche Vite on various beauty blogs and it had some really good reviews so I decided to buy a bottle. I turned to eBay and managed to get it for £5.95 – in some places it can cost anything up to, sometimes more than, £10. It is applied on top of nail varnish (while it’s still tacky and not properly dry) and, I’m not sure of the scientific way of describing this, but it penetrates through the varnish and protects the nail itself as well as the varnish. It strengthens the nail, making them amazingly shiny and strong while at the same time helping to prevent chipping and peeling. And even better, it actually does what it says it does.

I was actually in awe the first time I used it, simply because of the sheer amount of shine that was being projected off my nails. They instantly looked as though I’d been for a professional manicure. I’ve been using Seche Vite for about a fortnight or so now and I can definitely notice a difference in how strong my nails are compared to what they were before.

I’ll pass on a tip that I was given though – make sure you keep it out of sunlight to stop it going really thick and hard to apply.

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