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Beauty Box: Le Blanc De Chanel

I picked up Le Blanc De Chanel (a posh name for primer, really) on a complete whim. I got it from John Lewis as a treat after all the Christmas shopping I’d done because where’s the fun in just shopping for other people all the time?

That said, I have actually been trying my hardest to integrate primer into my daily make-up routine, mainly because I’ve always found make-up just looks… better. My first experience of using any sort of primer was from Benefit, it was called Dr. Feelgood (by Benefit) and I got in New York back in 2006 and I think just used it for the sake of it. It didn’t really do much, didn’t have much of an effect and seemed like a waste of money.

I then discovered MAC’s Prep + Prime, which was only slightly better, although I did go back and buy it again when I’d ran out so it can’t have been that bad! It gave my skin a layer of glitz rather than doing anything else, quite disappointing really because I’d heard such good things about it. It was the same story again when I tried yet another Benefit creation, this time in the form of That Gal. I got this for a tenner when I’d earnt enough points to make up the difference with my Debenhams Beauty Reward Card (essentially the same as a Boots advantage card but a million times better – definitely worth picking up if you buy make-up and perfume from Debenhams often). That Gal didn’t do much either and it didn’t last me long at all so I was quite glad I didn’t pay full price for it.

However, with Chanel, it’s a whole different story. As it happens, I am quite partial to the Chanel make up counter because everything is so nice to look at, and the packaging is amazing. Those little velvet bags things come in? I love them!

The product is described as a ‘sheer illuminating base’ and it’s certainly more of a subtle difference and is probably only be seen by me, but that’s all that matters – it makes me feel good when I wear it. Already it’s become a staple in my make-up bag; not only does it make my face super soft, it also creates a better base than just my bare skin and it compliments my foundation perfectly so I don’t have to use as much as I usually would.  As well as doing that, it smoothes any fine lines, fills in pores and creates a more even skin tone – something I am more than thankful for, especially with this horrible freezing weather we’ve all been a victim of.

It’s quite pricey at £25 a pop so I think I’d be more angry than upset if it wasn’t such a magical product but it’s more than worth the money paid. Fingers crossed It’ll last for a while because a pea-sized amount is all that’s needed for each application.

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