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Ten Great After School Activities

kids doing_martial_arts_29_06_12With cases of childhood obesity reaching record levels and our streets not the safe havens they once were, the onus is falling on parents to monitor their childrenís activities more closely. Encouraging your children to participate in after school activities, which are fun and engaging, can help to broaden their knowledge and education while causing them to live a more active lifestyle. Here is a list of ten great activities to keep your kids happy and healthy.

Team Sports

Children who participate in team sports learn invaluable life skills such as teamwork, competitiveness and leadership and are far less likely to become obese. Sports such as football, hockey and netball are played in most communities and can be an affordable and enjoyable way for your children to socialise and live an active lifestyle.


Swimming is a perennial favourite of children and is great for their health. An hour in the pool will give them a full body workout, improve their lung capacity and ensure that they are forever safe from the risk of drowning.

Boxing & Martial Arts

Strength and discipline are just a few of the benefits on offer for kids who take up a martial art. Judo, karate and taekwondo classes are widely available and will give you the peace of mind that your children are able to protect themselves if need be.

Trip to the Local Park

After school activities need not be costly. A trip to the park offers a myriad of healthy activities as well as bags of fresh air.

Join a Youth Centre

Youth clubs provide a safe environment for children to socialise with others their age as they engage in an array of creative endeavours.

Music Lessons

Music is a fantastic way for children to be creative as they take on a privileged skill that will stay with them for life. The rewards and sense of achievement can be great.

Art Classes

Similarly to music, classes in drawing and painting can awaken a creative side in children, which school tasks sometimes fail to unlock.

Family Trip to the Cinema or Theatre

Thereís nothing wrong with taking your children out for a treat, particularly when you make it a family affair. The cinema or theatre can make an excellent venue for a family to have fun and unwind together.


Giving your children an early education in eating healthily can be invaluable. Allowing your children to do a bit of cooking while teaching them about healthy and unhealthy foods could help to lower the chances of them becoming obese.


The average garden is an educational goldmine. Let your children explore natureís secrets in the backyard where you can keep a close eye on them.

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