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Pre-teen bucket list

two kids_climbing_tree_23_05_12Do your kids climb trees and camp out in the wild? Get ready for a summer of adventures as the National Trust urges youths to make the most of the great outdoors.

The National Trust evokes images of family days out and wholesome museum and garden type activities. Perhaps with a piece of homemade sponge or a cream tea, as a treat at the end of the festivities. But rather than encouraging kids to buy copious amounts of pencils in the gift shop, the National Trust are now bolstering a new campaign concerned with health.

With childhood obesity an increasing concern for the nation, the British institution is determined to get kids off sofas and computers and back into the great outdoors. Favouring romping in the wilderness over internet chat rooms, there’s a wonderful Famous Five feel to the whole affair. 

The campaign centres around a brand new core group of Elite Rangers. Just like Scout leaders and Brownie matrons (all given obligatory woodland names, of course), the Rangers are experts in practical, outdoorsy fun.

Employing a jampacked list, titled ‘50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾‘, as their key strategy, the Rangers are hoping to tap into the competitive nature of kids to get them climbing trees, running around and generally exercising their way to ticking off the list.

And while the scheme is generally aimed at youngsters, the list’s activities will no doubt spark a nostalgic twinge in parents. Sledging, building dens and rolling down big hills are all exciting pastimes that should be relished by kids with access to parks. And we bet the Dads can’t help themselves to a cheeky conker match or two.

With 50 things to get cracking on, the parks are going to be heaving with activity this summer.

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