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Keeping Kids Entertained on Trips in Summer

colouring book_animals_11_07_12As summer approaches, many of us will be looking forward to holidays, trips and breaks. There is, however, always the trouble of travelling with young children, whether it is by car, plane, coach or train. Kid’s entertainment has in many ways become easier, with the advent of hand held game consoles, but there are still numerous options, including the more traditional and well known car games such as eye spy.

Car registration games

So, if you’re going down the lower tech, traditional lines of entertainment what are your options other than eye spy? For starters, there is the much loved and renowned license plate game. It’s a simple game where everyone tries to spot a particular aspect of the plate, for example you may be trying to spot every letter of the alphabet from A to Z (in order), or you may be trying to spot numbers in order from 1 to 100. This game has many variations and can be adapted easily.

Pencil and paper

One of the easiest low-tech options is a paper and pencil; this has endless possibilities and can be played on just about any form of transport. You could take it in turns to create and solve word searches, or how about playing a game of charades – you don’t have to be standing, just act smaller. Other things you could try could be to take it in turns to write a story or draw a picture, with everyone taking it in turns to add a sentence or line.

Deck of cards

Almost as versatile as pen and paper is a deck of cards. With everyone knowing at least one game, whether it is simply snap, go fish or cheat. A simple search on the web can turn up an endless supply of fun family games for any number of people.

DVD players and hand-held games consoles

Going down the higher tech option of entertainment, as many children crave these days, may not be as expensive as it once was. Having been around for some time now, the cost of portable DVD players has dropped greatly and you can pick one up for around £50. Likewise, with a variety of hand held game consoles, which can be bought for less than £100. Either of these could items keep kids entertained for countless hours in cars or planes.

Top trumps and colouring books

There are endless possibilities to entertain kids; the only limit is your own imagination and the tools you choose, whether they are the above-mentioned, top trumps or colouring books. Or why not even try making your a personalised treasure chest of games, sweets and toys, the world is your oyster. 

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