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Five steps to successful potty training

potty training_little_boy_14_06_12You may be dreading the thought of teaching your little one to go to the toilet, but follow these steps and it may not be as stressful as you think.

Ready, steady, go
Make sure your little one is ready – most are between 18 months and two years, but there are some who don’t master it until they four so don’t worry if you are not quite there yet.

Take it slowly
Some toddlers do master the technique in a few days but don’t push it if your little one is finding it difficult. Encourage but don’t be too hard on them if they are taking longer than you hoped. It will come in time.

Have a plan
Before you start you need to think through how you are going to do it, what you will do about accidents, what incentives you want to use, when to take a step back and so on. Once you’ve decided stick to this plan and make sure everyone who looks after your toddler knows about it, too, so the training is consistent.

Praise him
You need to encourage him by giving him praise whenever he does well, even if he tries to get to the potty but doesn’t quite make it. Don’t go overboard with the praise though as he will be worried if he doesn’t do quite so well one day.

Accidents happen
There will be accidents – he is learning a new skill and his muscles are not quite up to holding it in yet, so don’t get stressed about it. Clean him up and suggest the next time he uses the potty instead.

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