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Internet Matters supports Anti-Bullying Week with new school competition and resources for parents

This week is Anti-Bullying Week, and Internet Matters are helping parents get smart about cyber bullying. What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is when someone bullies another person over the internet or mobile phone, usually either publicly via message or social media. One of the biggest differences between cyber bullying and face-to-face bullying is that it can be hard to get away from. Young people coul ...

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What are your childcare choices?

Deciding what type of childcare is right for you can be daunting and, sometimes, there may not be a single perfect option, but the following outlines all the choices available to you. For more information contact your local Tinies Branch, who can help you decide. Maternity nurses Maternity nurses look after you and your new baby from birth until about six weeks after birth. They help you get your baby into ...

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11+ exams – when should you start preparing?

So you know that you would like your child to sit the 11+ exam, but you might have conflicting thoughts: If you do a lot of preparation, does this mean that your child isn’t naturally bright enough and may struggle at grammar school? If you don’t start preparing soon enough, will your child be capable of sitting the 11+? You have heard that some children began tutoring when they started Reception, is it alr ...

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Should ten be the minimum age for a child to own a smartphone?

Internet Matters surveyed 1,000 parents up and down the country with children aged 8-11 years old, to find out what they thought about what age children should be using smartphones. Survey findings The 'Back to school' survey revealed the majority of parents (84.6%) would like a minimum age for smartphone ownership in the UK – with age 10 being the most popular minimum age. They also asked at what age paren ...

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Back to school: Create a good homework space for your child

The summer is over, the days are getting shorter and the air outside is colder – this must mean it’s time to go back to school. Mostly your kids will be upset about the end to their reign of freedom and the fact they now have to get up earlier, but they are likely still excited about the New Year, their new class and the new challenges they are going to have to face. Yes, they are going to get more work and ...

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Our first fostering placement

It was the summer solstice of 2012 when I walked out of the Honda car factory for the last time, nervously blinking in the sunlight. I had been working there for the last eighteen years, doing the three shift turnaround – earlies, lates and nights. As I left, I felt I was taking a leap of faith in starting fostering as a profession. My wife Dawn and I had talked about fostering for years and now our own chi ...

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