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Jo’s Foreword

Hi there!

I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the way parents have responded to Supernanny. Not only are you watching the show in your millions, but I can’t walk down the street without getting asked for tips about everything from potty training to sleep problems. It’s great.

Helping parents is what Supernanny is all about. Not just rescuing the parents who appear on the show, but helping ordinary parents like you through the tricky, but amazing, job of parenthood.

So having the chance to extend that help with this magazine is fantastic. Inside you’ll find solutions and ideas about issues I feel strongly about, having worked for 15 years with children of all ages and from all types of families.

Kids are essentially the same the world over – I can tell you that from all my hands-on experience as a permanent, temporary, and now a trouble-shooting, nanny. They have their own individual characters, which should be celebrated and nurtured, but they all thrive on boundaries, attention and praise.

These days it seems there are becoming fewer and fewer people you can turn to for help with raising your kids. When you write to me by the sackful or stop me in the street for advice, many of you explain that I’m the only person you’ve spoken to about this. Many of you battle on with your problems for years without finding a solution.

In the past, health professionals seemed to have more time, and grandparents and other family members were nearby to lend a hand. Many parents these days find they have none of these traditional support systems. They struggle on in isolation.

And being a parent has become so competitive. It’s hard to relax and trust your judgement when other parents are constantly telling you how angelic and smart their own kids are.

While I want you to find advice and support, what I hope this magazine gives you most is confidence ’Äì the confidence to be the parent you want to be. Remember, how you bring up your kids is your choice. It’s down to you.

And don’t forget that parenting should be a joy. Yes, it’s the most challenging and important job you’ll ever do in your life, but it needn’t be a slog. Enjoy your kids now, because they’re not kids for long.

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