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How to create your floor with EarthWerks® Styl´iT Herringbone

How to create your floor with EarthWerks® Styl´iT Herringbone

Finding the right flooring and the right design is a very personal decision.

The floor has a great influence on the overall room impression and, therefore, it should be selected with utmost care.

With Styl iT by EarthWerks® you can be the ‘designer’ yourself and create your personal flooring, individually and according to your preferences.

For this purpose, six sophisticated wood decors are available. The modern colours show a finely coordinated colour gradient and lend the floor area an elegant appearance.

The format of the single strips is 8.5 x 51 cm, an ideal dimension for laying different bonds on the floor area.

Below are a few examples of exemplary laying patterns.

Using the classic herringbone bond, you can lay the strips singly or in a multiple arrangement. When the pattern is distributed over the entire floor area, the room appears elegant and cosy.

Classic herringbone bond

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.33.12

Laid with single herringbone

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.34.11

Laid with double herringbone

A border of the same material highlights the central area and lets it appear like an inlaid ‘carpet’ for an elegant and sophisticated look.


Do you like chequers? If the strips are laid in chequers, regardless whether straight or diagonal, the floor area appears smaller.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.36.47

The effect is different when the strips are laid in the form of a ‘ladder’, making the room appear visually stretched.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.37.17

If you want to lend your floor a special liveliness, you can combine strips with varying shades, adding a personal touch to the surface.

Simply experiment with Styl iT by EarthWerks®. It is great fun to design your own floor! Or ask a specialist retailer, who will be happy to assist you. Please email to find a partner in your area.

Or visit for more information.


About EarthWerks®
EarthWerks is a leading LVT brand of the family company Swiff-Train from Texas (USA). Since 1985, Swiff-Train has acquired a longstanding and extensive experience in the field of designer floors.
This permanence and commitment has brought with it a high level of expertise and product knowledge, which is now evident in all of the developments and collections.
Whilst the LVT programme is marketed under the EarthWerks brand on a worldwide basis, the collections correspond to the tastes, styles and requirements of each respective market.
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