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How to create a Japanese style bedroom – simple, calm and relaxing

How to create a Japanese style bedroom – simple, calm and relaxing

At the Natural Bed Company we love the pared down simplicity of Japanese inspired interior design. Our love of this harmonious, minimalist style has even inspired our most popular bed collection – the Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe beds. While our Oregon, Nevada, Koo and Kulu low beds also suit an oriental look.

With this in mind we thought we’d share a few ideas on creating a Japanese style bedroom at home. After all what could be better to aid a relaxing, restful night than a calm, ‘zen’ environment?

Japanese Styling

Simplicity is the key to this look, use no more than two or three colours in your scheme and you’ll find your discipline pays off. But don’t worry – a limited colour palette needn’t be dull as this look allows for bold contrasts. Try a largely white room with a black accent wall, or stone colour painted walls complimented by a rich crimson shade behind the bed. If you are feeling daring, why not add a gloss varnish finish to your accent wall. Some simple white paper lampshades will contrast with the backdrop.

Plain bedding in a bold colour with an emphasis on symmetry will create a graphic, Japanese style. Choose a simple calico futon mattress to add authenticity. Tatami mats for the floor and Japanese style screens (Shoji screens are the traditional rice paper screens that can be used to separate areas of a room) complete the look.

Kulu bed oriental look close-up copy


Japanese Style Beds
Japanese style bedrooms generally incorporate a very low bed in a simple platform design, often without a headboard. Match with low bedside tables for a pared-down oriental look.
The Kyoto, Kumo & Kobe beds from Natural Bed Company are perfect for this style, and are available with or without a headboard. The chunky ‘foot’ panels, tucked under the mattress base, make the beds appear to float when viewed front-on and bring to mind the Geta footwear of the region.
An ultra-low bed with low-level storage makes this the ideal style choice for an attic bedroom. Take a look at the low Cube bedside table from Natural Bed Company – the simple, geometric shape and low, wide design suit an oriental look. Choose from a range of solid hardwoods and lacquer/stain options.

Accessorise your bedside table with a simple potted orchid or bonsai. A beautiful kimono can be draped over the end of the bed or pinned to the wall as a piece of art.

opium japanese style bedroom6


Remember minimalism is the key. Choose a few simple designs, keep clutter to a minimum and keep your bedding simple in both style and range of colours.


About the Author

Caro Whiteside is the resident blogger, stylist and sales manager for Natural Bed Company. Natural Bed Company have been buying, making and supplying mattresses since 1974, along with designing and making solid wood beds at their workshop in Sheffield.


Take a look at the Natural Bed Company ‘Japanese Style’ Pinterest board for further inspiration – japanese-style-bedrooms/



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  • kimono enthusiast

    “A beautiful kimono can be draped over the end of the bed or pinned to the wall as a piece of art.” No, no, no, please – do not do either of these things! Kimono are fragile and exceedingly precious, each one made by hand from silk. They should be carefully stored in special boxes when not in use, kept flat if possible or thoughtfully folded if necessary, to protect them from light damage and pests. If displaying a kimono, use a bamboo rod longer than the sleeve and carefully drape the kimono over it to make a T-shape before suspending the entire thing from curtain rod brackets.

    If the goal is Japanese-type decor, there are many beautiful scrolls and other works on paper which can be displayed on the wall instead of kimono, and countless beautiful and luxurious fabrics and throws to accent bedding.


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