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How to be irresistible to younger men

How to be irresistible to younger men

Tradition – it has its uses, but the way it treats men and women differently is an aspect best left behind. Take men traditionally being the older partner, it’s an age old attitude that could be standing in the way of your happiness. It’s a fact that dating a toyboy makes you feel sexier, younger and more adventurous, so what have you got to lose? Finding the right younger guy is even easier than you think…

Let the past inspire not restrict you
A lot of time and experience has gone into making you, you. For all the great memories, there are difficult times that are hard to forget. Let these experiences show you how to move forward and make positive change. They say the past is a foreign country, so while it still holds a strong affinity for you, let yourself gain a little distance from it too. Make this a turning point and start a new personal adventure.


You’re sexy, own it
Sometimes feeling sexy is easier said than done. Too much thinking about the things you don’t like can easily take your focus away from your best features. But try to remember that a younger man doesn’t see all the small details like you do, he sees the full gorgeous package. Don’t worry about how to look sexier to someone else, treat yourself to some ‘me time’, make yourself feel special and embrace the sexiness that you already have.


Set your expectations high
It’s a misconception that all younger men who date older women are looking for an ‘arrangement’. Actually a younger man is drawn to your intelligence, confidence and experience, all factors that make you irresistible. So with the power in your hands, ask yourself – who do you want to date? Younger men will be baying for your attention, so you can afford to be selective. You’re used to managing the expectations of others, now satisfy your own.


Don’t wait for him to make the first move
Waiting around all day for a nice young man to come along is all well and good if you’re Sleeping Beauty or in a Jane Austen novel, but in reality not so much. There’s still a little stigma attached to women making the first move but there really needn’t be. You know what you want better than anyone else and you have the right to go for it. Frankly, most men are just dying for someone else to do the asking too. Be the heroine, not the damsel in distress.


Know where to start looking
Time is precious so we’re always trying to find more savvy ways to use it. Bars, clubs, meetup groups, these are all great ways of meeting younger guys but they won’t always fit around a busy schedule. If you want to add some organisation to it and put yourself in control of your time, why not try online dating? Signing up to a specific Toyboy Dating site means that you’ll find lots of hot single younger guys at your fingertips, who are looking for a gorgeous woman just like you.

About the author Lucy Jones is a serial toyboy dater and member over at the Cougar Dating site, Toyboy Warehouse, the UK’s largest dating site for older women and younger men. She is determined to challenge outdated views about love and relationships.

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