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Haiti baby given life-saving treatment

A three-month-old girl who survived the Haiti earthquake is to be treated by London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, thanks to a doctor’s persistence.

Dr David Nott, who appeared in at home magazine, had to battle with US authorities so Landina Seignon could come to the UK to have the treatment that would save her life. She was finally allowed to fly here and Richard Hayward, professor of paediatric surgery, said he was ‘cautiously optimistic’ about her chances.

Landina, whose mother is thought to have died in the earthquake, was due to have dead bone removed from her skull following a burn injury when Port-au-Prince’s Trinity Hospital was destroyed. She was left in a critical condition and suffered horrific injuries during the chaos, which meant doctors were forced to amputate her arm.

Dr Nott, working as a volunteer for Medecins Sans Frontieres, began to make arrangements to bring her to the UK for treatment, but the US military refused to allow her out of the country because she had no papers. Eventually the Haitian Ministry of Health gave permission for Landina to be evacuated for treatment.

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