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Green Home Improvements That Will Save You Money

Green Home Improvements That Will Save You Money

They say your home is your castle and it may well feel like you’re living in one which is draughty and difficult to heat. It doesn’t make sense to keep on throwing money away to heat your home. Wouldn’t it be better to invest in some green home improvements now and reap the savings for years if not decades to come?

Heat and power

First, look at how your main source of heat and power is supplied. Check that you are on the cheapest tariff for your energy company or switch provider if there is a better offer elsewhere.

Consider replacing an old boiler with an A rated energy efficient gas boiler or if you are not on mains gas look into a modern cost effective wood pellet boiler.

Solar panels are a way that you can generate a significant percentage of your home’s electrical energy needs. Many people claim to be saving around half of their electricity bills since installing solar.

Green Deal and ECO

You may be able to get help with cavity and loft insulation. These are areas of your home that are responsible for a majority of the heat loss in uninsulated or poorly insulated homes. Fixing this will save you hundreds of pounds yearly according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Low cost fixes

Draughts in your home mean that your warm, heated air is being replaced by cold outside air. Draught proofing around doors, windows and loft hatches will not only save you money but will make your rooms feel more comfortable.

Replacing incandescent lighting with energy efficient LED lights can reduce your lighting energy costs by up to 90%.

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