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Freedom to travel smoke free

Freedom to travel smoke free

Packing for your next trip? Although every destination is different, we all have a list of trusty travel essentials that we swear by. For holiday-goers it’s likely to include sun glasses and a pair of flip flops. For business travellers, perhaps it’s a notebook, some chewing gum and a spare business card. And for domestic vacationers, it almost certainly includes an umbrella.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, an innovative new product has launched in the UK which is sure to make the list for those who enjoy smoking or vaping…

Nicoccino is THE must-have travel accessory for adults who often desire a discreet and powerful nicotine sensation aboard transport where cigarette smoke and vaping is prohibited.

Nicoccino is a leaf-thin natural film which contains 1mg of pure nicotine, equivalent to one regular strength cigarette. Simply placing a Nicoccino film underneath the upper lip and onto the gum, where it will sit securely and dissolve, enables an immediate transfer of nicotine from the film and into the bloodstream, without tobacco, tar and the anti-social smell associated with smoking.

The films are packaged in sleek, small sachets and can easily slip into any wallet or purse.

So whether you’re enduring a morning commute on the train, sitting on a long-haul flight, or stuck on the motorway with family in the car, Nicoccino gives you the freedom to subtly enjoy an instant nicotine sensation whenever and wherever you want.

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Michel Bracke, CEO of Nicoccino, comments: “We are certain that travellers will love Nicoccino, as it’s the first time that a pure nicotine containing product has been created which truly delivers an instant effect, and can be used whenever, wherever.

Nicoccino is priced at £4.99 for one pack of 10 films or £39.99 for a pack of 90 films.

Visit  WWW.NICOCCINO.CO.UK for more information.

Or contact: / 0207 025 1350.

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