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Fancy dress party ideas

Fancy dress party ideas

Considering hosting a fancy dress party? If so, it is important to have a party theme as it helps guide your guests when choosing their costumes. It also means everyone looks more coordinated, adding to the party mood. In addition to that, having a party theme means you can decorate your reception venue and plan your food within the theme, creating a more awesome effect.

Gone are the days when having a theme was restricted to children’s birthday parties. People all over the world are discovering how fancy dress themed parties can be fun and interesting. Whether you want to attend a family get-together or would rather spend your weekend at your local pub/club, fancy dress is the greatest way to have a brilliant night but choosing the right one can be daunting.

Some fun party themes we recommend are:

  • The ‘p’ party– This theme gives people the scope to apply creativity when dressing up. Choose any letter you like and see what your guests turn up in.
  • Superheroes– You get the chance to dress up and look like your favourite super hero need we say more!
  • Tarts and vicars– This is a great fancy dress theme. It looks classic and gives you the chance to show off your fancy dress and shoes. Vicar costume is the best alternative for many people.
  • Charity shop night– This is an interesting fancy dress party idea because it means you will never get two outfits looking alike. Everyone at the party will be uniquely dressed.
  • Uniforms– Women like men in uniform and it’s the same the other way round. From firemen, sailors to nurses and doctors this is the greatest theme for stag and hen nights and is guaranteed to get you lots of attention.
  • What you want to be when you grow up – If, when you were young, you dreamed of becoming a race car driver, a police woman or an Olympic athlete, now’s your chance!
  • Hollywood film stars – Everyone’s got their favourite actor, so pick one and play them for the night.
  • Cowboys and Indians – This wild west fancy dress theme is still incredibly popular among party goers. 
  • Heaven and Hell – Give your guests a chance to show off their darker side with the ever popular heaven and hell themed fancy dress party.
  • Goodies and Baddies – You get to see who enjoys playing the baddie when given the choice.

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