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Fabulous Furniture

Furniture is a major component of every room, setting the style and allowing the room to function, so it pays to make good choices that will enhance your home.

A single piece of furniture can dictate the look of an entire room – for example, a four-poster bed will set the tone for a romantic bedroom, while a big, rustic farmhouse table spells casual gatherings for informal eating and conversation.

Your furniture choices also have an enormous influence on how well your rooms function – have you enough storage or seating in the living room? Would bunk beds free up more play space in the kids’ bedroom? Furniture shopping can seem like an intimidating experience. The range of items and choice of styles and materials on offer is massive and some of the price tags are panic-inducing. With financial outlay and a long-term commitment usually involved, how can you guard against mistakes and ensure that you end up with furniture that you will enjoy for years to come?

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