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Has movies on-demand killed the cinema?

mum daughter_watching_3dfilm_02_07_12There is no doubt that going to the cinema today is far more expensive than it was in the past. With today’s technology it is possible to stream or download large movie files and watch them on your television without losing any visual or sound quality.

Are we getting better value from our home entertainment systems or is the picture house still the best value?

The Viewing Experience

Whether you are in the cinema or at home your viewing experience involves HD or 3D quality pictures and exceptional stereo surround-sound systems. The only differences really are the size of the screen, although home TV’s are catching up, and the ridiculous cost of your food and drink goodies when you go to the movies.

The choice of films available at each venue is also problematical.

  • In the movies you generally get films that have just been released.
  • On the television you get what the television companies put in their listings, generally older films.

The Advantages & Disadvantages

Films on demand are movies either downloaded or streamed via companies operating through the internet. They allow you to watch films instantly or watch them by a set date. Companies such as LOVEFiLM and Netflix are two good examples.Usually a monthly membership fee allows you to watch as many available films as you like.

Thanks to the advances in computers it is easy to connect your computer to your television and watch it like your PC monitor. Alternatively you can watch them through your games console, tablet, phone or on your computer.

The disadvantage with films on demand is you generally get the films that are no longer available in the cinema; however, two great advantages are you get access to a large back catalogue and you can watch them at any time convenient to you.

Unless you can afford your own private viewing room, it is unlikely you will be able to watch a film in your home and achieve a full cinema-type experience. Although with the advances in home entertainment systems and the ease of downloading from the Internet, you will certainly be able to enjoy a good movie experience at a fraction of the cost. Although you may not be able to watch the most up to date films at home, the variety of movies available from the films on demand sector is far superior to television schedules.

Oh! Do not forget the tremendous savings on popcorn and fizzy drinks.

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