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Fifty shades too far?

woman relaxed_with_ebook_03_08_12The trend for erotic literature has reached new heights as authors seek to revamp old classics in the raunchy vein.

As the Fifty Shades phenomenon continues to sweep the nation – trilogies are being past down from mothers to daughters and new book clubs are being set up in its honour (mainly involving giggle led discussions about X-rated scenes while being in the throws of rose wine) – it seems rival publishers are looking to get involved in the sex-induced profits.

If bedroom scenes are what the nation wants, that’s what the nation will get, according to publishers Total E-Bound. But rather than enlist the help of the most explicit writers in the literary field, the company has decided to revamp some old classics. And not just the novels that have been sat growing dusty in the nation’s libraries. Total E-Bound are adding ‘graphic sex and fetish scenes’ to the nation’s much loved classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Dracula.

The revamped eBook manuscripts will transform Jane Eyre into the bolshy mistress of Mr. Rochester, as the couple’s relationship goes from tentative to indulging in ‘explosive sex’. And if that’s not enough to get old school literary fans ticked off as well as slightly hot under the collar, Total E-Bound have taken it upon themselves to give Sherlock Holmes an explicit gay relationship with detective accomplice Dr. Watson.

Though this business move will spark more than a dash of controversy in the literary world, founder of Total-E-Bound Publishing, Claire Siemaszkiewicz, seems quietly confident in the authenticity of the books.

‘We’re keeping the works as close to the original classics as possible,’ the figurehead affirmed. ‘It’s not our intention to rewrite or distort them but to create a whole new experience, enhancing the novels by adding deeper relationships, character development, and the ‘missing’ scenes for readers to enjoy.’

While we sit and wonder what Charlotte Brontë would have thought about someone describing Jane Eyre as having missing scenes, there are some ground rules that the publishers have to adhere to. Or, more accurately, it is because of a lapse in the law that the publishers can add take over the authorship reign of certain books. Indeed, because Jane Eyre and Dracula are more than 100 years old, their copyright has expired and they are open to reinterpretation.

And if the two novels mentioned don’t tickle your literary fancy, fear not. Other classics set for re ‘raunchy’ release this summer include Northanger Abbey, Treasure Island, Wuthering Heights, The Three Musketeers and The Phantom of the Opera.

Never has your summer reading featured classic literature with an extra special dose of eroticism courtesy of contemporary writers. The only saving grace of the operation is the fact that no one will know what you’re up to. Keep your eyes peeled for suspect eBook holders pretending to look cultural at the poolside this summer.

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