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Tommy’s Foreword

Hi there. Welcome to another great-value issue of At Home with Tommy Walsh and Handy Andy Kane. I can hardly believe it’s a year since we last hit the news stands but for me, those 12 months have been packed with changes.

As you may know, after eight brilliant years I finally decided to leave Ground Force – but you haven’t seen the last of me yet! I’ve a whole host of projects lined up for the future, including another series of Challenge Tommy Walsh for the Discovery Channel. I’ve also set up my own production company and we’ll be filming a series about men and their sheds in the summer. I think everyone’s fascinated about what guys do in their garden sheds!

On top of that I’ve made my movie debut as the baddie in a low-budget film, although learning the lines was a nightmare. Still, I’m in good company, Marlon Brando apparently never learned a line in his life! With a bit of luck, this summer will see the realisation of a dream for me, my wife Marie and our three kids, when we finally move into our new home in Hackney, East London. As regular readers of this magazine will know, it has been a very long haul but as I’ve now got a little more time on my hands I hope I’ll be able to make it habitable in the next few months.

For now, though, I hope you enjoy our magazine and wish you all the best,

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